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Join a daily Sounio tour that combines Athens’s ancient treasures with a unforgettable ride alongside the iconic Athenian riviera.

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Have you already been to Athens numerous times but spent all your time available in meeting rooms and lunch breaks with workmates and clients? It is high time you experience a different side of the Greek capital by joining a daily Sounio tour that combines Athens’s ancient treasures with a unforgettable ride alongside the iconic Athenian riviera. Start your day downtown and finish it gazing upon the sunset by the sea standing next to ancient temple.

Begin your daily Sounio tour hiking up the Acropolis Hill where one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was located inside of the temple of Parthenon. Continue your tour of Athens’s finest sights by wandering among the ancient pillars of Temple of Olympian Zeus. Move to Panathenaic Stadium and see where the first Modern Olympics took place before grabbing a ride to Syntagma to watch the ritual of the Presidential Guard change. Climb up the place with the most breathtaking view of the city, Lycabettus Hill, where you will be enjoying the beauty of Athens from an altitude of 227m, before coming down for a quick stop by the University and National Library of Athens, for the essential pictures of Athen’s neoclassical architectural treasures.

Then our driver will take you on a ride along the Athenian coastline in the Southern part of the city. Drive by the sea before reaching Sounio to explore the temple of Poseidon and experience the most breathtaking view of the sunset in a way you could only experience had you been in a greek island.

*Please note that upon request we can provide professional guided tours to any of the places mentioned. This private daily Sounio tour can be arranged according to your schedule.

*Our driver will pick you from the requested location whether is the airport, your hotel or anywhere else you may need to be. Select one of the cars of your fleet that suits your needs and enjoy the ride with Athenians First.

*Is your free time limited due to your business obligations? Athenians can also provide a short version of this Sounio tour. During 4-5 hours you will have the chance to take a ride along the Athenian riviera and explore the sights of Sounio.

  • Acropolis (ageless still)
  • the Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Panathenaic Stadium (where the first modern Olympics took place)
  • Presidential Guard change
  • Lycabettus Hill (the highest point of the city, 277m)
  • University and National library of Athens
  • South Sea coast
  • Temple of Poseidon Sounio
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